Iverson “Louisiana Red” Minter Needs a Monument


Just received word about a situation that ought to be corrected from a friend, Brian DaSilva. Here is what he wrote:

A good friend from Hanover Germany messaged me to let me know that…. (well I’ll forward the message) We have seen that there is no gravestone on Louisiana Reds grave. Finally we reached today his son Francis Minter who told us that his pocketzs are empty because of the funeral costs. So we start to figure out how to finance a worthy tombstone (we estimate costs of 2.000 € plus). Maybe we will have to organize benefit gigs or what ever. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Damn Man…. He was too poor to die.

https://soundcloud.com/bdasilva/louiaiana-red-too-poor-to-die Here is a rare live recording from just months before his passing. LET THIS BE A CALL TO HONOR THIS GREAT BLUESMAN.

It’s me again. Perhaps someone reading this has some experience in fundraising or projects of this nature, and wants to help organize the rest of us to do the right thing. Any takers?