More than a lifelong fan, I am a degenerate music fiend. Favorite styles include blues; R&B and soul; real country; punk, garage, roots, and selected “regular” rock; swing, bop, soul, and other assorted jazz stylings, with preference given to organ jazz; reggae, rocksteady, and ska; Latin; lounge; hip-hop; and more. If it’s good, I probably like it, unless it happens to be opera, prog rock, metal, electronica, a jam band, or show tunes, none of which are my speed. Also, while I revere Bob Dylan’s music beyond all measure, most folk-based rock repels me (details, and rant, available upon request).

I was a staff writer and contributing editor for the print version of Blues Revue (bluesrevue.com) for more than 15 years, and currently am proud to serve in the same capacity for the excellent new publication Blues Music Magazine (bluesmusicmagazine.com). I contribute features and reviews to newsletters for the Golden Gate Blues Society Newsletter (http://tggbs.org) and the Detroit Blues Society. I also freelance, writing artist biographies, liner notes, etc. I support the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research (http://seancostellofund.org/) and The Blues Foundation (www.blues.org/), and encourage you to learn more about these important causes.

Support live music and your favorite artists!

If you care to submit your CD, DVD/Blu-Ray, book, or other media for consideration and possible coverage, please contact me at tahyslop[AT]gmail.com.

My sincere thanks to you for reading. If you like what you find here, please come back, and feel free to spread the word. If you choose to quote a blog post, in whole or in part, you may do so, provided you credit my work. If you are reproducing my writing on the Web, please link to this site. Thank you!


In case you were wondering.…

The name of the Web site location (rockmrtom.wordpress.com/) has a dual inspiration. It started with the time-tested exclamation, indicating shock, awe, or appreciation, that Roger Miller politely immortalized in “Dang Me.” I supercharged the phrase with a nod to “Check Mr Popeye,” a song out of 1960s New Orleans by the great Eddie Bo.

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