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Nick Curran, 2004


In response to the request for more examples of my field recordings of Nick Curran, here are some choice cuts. “All I Can Do Is Cry” comes from Tom’s Garage in Appleton, Wisconsin, March 28, 2004. “Midnight Is A Lonely Hour” and “Get Rich Quick” come from the same venue, on June 27, 2004. “It’s My Life, Baby,” “Player,” “Midnight,” and “Hustler” happened June 29, 2004, at Luther’s Blues in Madison. Enjoy and keep the faith – FOREVER NICK CURRAN!


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More than a lifelong fan, I am a degenerate music fiend. I was a staff writer and contributing editor for the print version of Blues Revue for more than 15 years, and serve in the same capacity for the excellent new publication Blues Music Magazine ( I have contributed to the newsletters of the Golden Gate Blues Society and the Detroit Blues Society, and freelance, writing artist biographies, liner notes, and all types of promotional materials. I support the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research ( and The Blues Foundation (, and encourage you to learn more about these important causes. Please support live music and buy CDs by your favorite artists! If you care to submit your CD, DVD/Blu-Ray, book, or other media for consideration and possible coverage, please contact me at tahyslop[AT]

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